Monday, May 4, 2009

Late Night Reader

I took this photo a few weeks ago, when the cooler in me and my brothers room broke down. A cooler is a sort of fan, in a box with grass windows. A pump wets the grass, making the air that is blown out of the fan vert cool and refreshing. Much nicer than a normal fan. Unfortunately, ours broke down a few weeks back. So, me and my brothers decided to move into our parents room, since they have an air-conditioner. I mean, it works, right? So why should we suffer unnecessarily? My parents were (thankfully) willing to let us spend a couple nights in their room, so long as we didn't too much noise.

So one night, while I was waiting for my turn on the laptop, twiddling my thumbs. I noticed the light cast by the lamp on my mother. As usual I had my phone with me, and I tried to take a few photos of her. My phone has only two aperture settings that can be manually adjusted, a 'normal' mode, and a 'night' mode. So I was a bit disappointed at first, and soon forgot that I ever took them. A couple days back I happened too see them , and noticed that they weren't too bad. A little editing to fix some of the noise, and I got this. Actually quit surprised by the outcome.


  1. This is actually pretty cool. Kind of painting like softness to it when looked in bigger format

  2. Thanks :)

    The paint-like effect comes from using neatimage to remove the noise. So I guess I have you to thank largely for this one.


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