Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad News

So, in case your wondering why I haven't posted in while... A few days ago, my phone gave me a little problem. It decided that it would stop working, and would reject my SIM card, too. So I've been left without my main means of taking photos. I would take photos with the family camera, but it gets inconvenient to carry it around with me all over the place, especially after getting used to my camera being my phone. So picture taking was put on the sidelines- not done with completely, just not near as much as before.
But that's not all, last night my mother noticed a large blood spot on my upper left eye. I don't know how it happened, though a few suspects are the searing desert heat of Jaipur, a blow to my eye (I wouldn't know when that happened...) or a particularly heavy sneeze. And now, after a checkup at the hospital, I was told to take some rest, and not to strain my eyes for a few days. So now photography is out the window completely. I was only allowed to use the computer to write this after plenty of pleading on my part, and my time is running out fast as it is...

So, maybe in about a week, I'll be able to post again.

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