Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking Down

This is the (pretty bad) view from the first floor of our apartment building. Not much of a view, but maybe a decent picture?

Again, I had to edit the photo, since it was taken on my Mobile Phone...

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So, I took this one the other day, on my way back home. It was sort of an accident -the composition, at least. I like the way the empty space actually makes the photo more interesting.

I barely edited this one, because I liked the original outcome so much. Just a little noise removal here and there. 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Use me not.

So, we have mobile pictures at last! I took this one this evening, on the way back home from my part-time job. I just couldn't help but notice that while one garbage bin was completely overflowing another one, just a few feet away, was lying upside-down and useless... Or more importantly, empty.

As usual with my mobile pictures, I had to edit it a bit. Mostly because of the (ridiculous) amount of noise it generates. But I don't mind all that much, because then I get to tweak it a little here and there (and it's another reason to sit at the computer!).

Got no Camera...

Hmm... It goes like this, 
My family (Father, Mother, and both Brothers) have gone for a sort of outing to Chandigarh for a couple of weeks. Leaving me here at home, (actually I kinda volunteered to stay home) because my class X exams are coming up. Not a big deal.

Or so I thought... 

At the last minute (literally) my younger brother decides he wants to take the camera, he goes to ask my father, who thinks it's a great idea. And just like that. Poof. It's gone.

So, now I'm back to the good old mobile camera (which, I admit, was ignored these few months). Now I'm all used to the D-SLR and I don't like the fact that I don't have all that much control over how the photo comes out. But I've got no choice now. And it would be good for me to see if I can take decent photos with a not-so-great camera.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I took this one a few days back. Before I got sick. It was really spur of the moment, I was feeling really, really bored then, and badly wanted something to do. So after prowling around the house for a bit I spotted our dog, Ruby, lying under the dining table. :)

Checking the photos a few days later saw that the focus isn't spot on. Oh well, I can't remember if it was on auto or manual...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been out of it...

Hi there, It's just that I've been down with a viral infection this past week. That's why I haven't been able to post recently. But I'm feeling a little better now. And should post something soon. :)