Thursday, February 26, 2009

This was taken at the office where I work part time. (Yes, I do have a job, apart from school) A friend at work wanted to know more about my phone, the conversation want something like this. "What's the camera quality like?" She asked me. "I dunno, pretty ok I guess..."
"How many megapixels?"
"Er... 1.3, I think."
"Oh, at least it's not like some phone cameras you get these days, that have point something of a medapixel." She sounded a bit disappointed.
"Yeah, if you want a camera in your phone, at least get a decent one. Or buy a real camera."
"Take a pic, so I can see how good it is." She asked me.
"What, now?" We were in my bosses office, waiting for him.
"Yeah, just snap a quick one of anything" So I just snapped a quick one of anything, and then showed it to her.
"Actually, it's quite good." She said just before my boss came in. And later when I looked at it, it was quite good.

Talk about random...


  1. Definitely good enough for snapshots. With phone cameras you want to have maximum amount of light since they boost up sensitivity automatically to compensate for dark conditions. This causes more digital noise in the pictures. You might want to try running these through neat image. That's a neat little software to reduce noise. You can use the basic version for free ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll try that program out, as soon as I can.


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