Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dog at the Bird Sanctuary.

This was taken on a trip to a bird sanctuary. I don't know if the the dog was following us, or just going the same way. But it was with us for a few kilometers, and since I did not see any birds around, I just snapped a quick photo of the pup. The thing on the left side of the frame is my Dad's arm. I only noticed it back at home. The two girls a little ahead are some friends who came along with us. And this photo, was taken on my D-SLR.


  1. I love this photograph, I can't put a reason to it, but it reminds me of last year when my wife and I were in Sicily. A street dog adopted us, followed us around for two weeks, protected us, and expected us to feed it. We didn't, and we felt guilt because we didn't but we didn't want to leave the dog feeling like it had lost something it loved. Make sense? Keep writing please!

  2. It does make sense, a lot of dogs here like to follow us around, ask for food, attention. And I admittedly, don't usually give them anything, and I do feel for them sometimes.

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