Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Night Car

I took this one while me and a couple of colleges from work were on a night shoot. We were at a fort called Amber (pronounced 'Amer'). Usually the fort is lit up by lights, making it a very nice sight. But, as luck would have it, shortly after we arrived, the lights went out; because of a sound and light show that is played each night. So while we waited for the show to finish, I, being my proactive self, started taking pictures of other things. Like our car.
Leaning against a wall, I was able to get a fairly clear shot. Though it wouldn't stand up to scrutiny. I like to take photos at night, it's sort of a different feeling that I get when a photo comes out good. I mean, I like it when I manage to take good photos in other conditions, but to me night photos are different somehow.
I took this one on a D-SLR, and glad to have the opportunity.

Update: I found that the picture you see is slightly cropped at the ends. To see the full image, just click on it. I don't like to say this, and I hope it's not too paranoid to you, but please don't copy the image. :)

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