Sunday, February 1, 2009

These, are my shoes. My converse. The photo is a result of boredom. But the method was with maximum focus. I like my shoes, they're my second pair of converse in a row. Though not my second pair of converse. Once again, this photo was taken with my mobile camera. Unfortunately, allot of the time, my camera is safe at home. And therefore, my randomness is badly stunted by the limits of my mobile phone camera.

I hate it...


  1. You can take pretty awesome pictures with mobile phone camera also;

  2. Wow... Those are some pretty good photos. Though I can't afford an N series. It's still encouraging.

  3. i have those shoes!!!!

    by the way, you're the first eprson i've found on this that's actually the same age as me, and your interests are pretty interesting...

    check my blog out, see what you think

  4. Converse are quite popular... Though chances of two people having the same kind are much less.

    I would have thought that there would be more 17 year olds blogging. But who am I to know?


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