Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A test

I was inspired by These Guys to try out something different. So, a few nights ago I took out the camera, set it up on the tripod. (Did I ever mention how lucky I am to be able to use professional equipment? It helps that your dad is in the business, I guess) Set the shutter speed to - I forgot... but it was more than ten seconds. And made a short stop-motion scene. What you see here is just one frame, out of about fifty. It's the first time I've tried something like this, so don't expect much.
I'll post the finished video in a few days, after I figure out how to turn a bunch of photos into a moving picture. Apart from scrolling down to page to see each frame at a time...

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  1. Very interesting. It's almost like a process called "painting with light." You use a flashlight to make the light streaks. It's good that you are experimenting. That's when you discover really good shots. But, you have to remember all the settings in order to repeat what you did the first time:)

    Good luck!


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